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Zurich Life Science Day 2023 – Navigate the career maze

LSZYSN's Career Fair with b2match: A Successful Event for Connecting Participants with Companies for Career Development


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02. Mai 2023 | 3 min Lesezeit

With our advanced event management platform, LSZYSN seamlessly organized their annual Zurich Life Science Day, delivering an unforgettable experience that attendees are still talking about.

The LSZYSN is a non-profit organization managed by graduate students and post-docs of the University and the ETH Zurich, which aims to bridge the gap between academic research and the life science industry. The LSZYSN was created by the fusion of the Swiss branch of the Young European Biotech Network and the Life Science Zurich Biotech Network. It is a unit of Life Science Zurich, a joint initiative of UZH and ETH aiming to promote excellence in life sciences in Switzerland, and its main mission is to reduce the existing gap between academic research and the life science industry in its broader sense.

After two years of virtual events, they were able to host the largest on-site career fair for life sciences in Switzerland, attracting 949 participants coming from four different countries. The event had a company exhibition, where representatives from the industry could show participants different career paths and opportunities to enter the job market. There were around 180 company representatives present at the event. The "Zurich Life Science Day 2023 – Navigate the career maze" provided a unique chance for participants to meet motivated talents from all areas of life science research, ranging from biotechnology and biology to pharmacy, environmental sciences, and engineering.

The participants included students (Bachelor, Master), Ph.D. students, Postdocs/employees of UZH or ETH, professionals, company representatives, speakers, CV checkers, and CV photographers. This diversity of participants is important because it allows for a broad range of networking opportunities and discussions around career paths in various fields of interest. The biggest challenge the LSZYSN faced was offering participants added value in the form of direct interaction with companies' representatives. Our team at b2match helped to overcome this challenge by providing an event management solution that enabled efficient matchmaking between participants and companies, as well as scheduling 1:1 meetings and providing a platform for the job wall. The job wall displayed job offers from all attending companies, and participants could take advantage of scheduling private 20-minute meetings with attending companies. In previous years, the organizers used multiple solutions and did a lot of manual work to allow their participants to interact with each other. With the b2match solution everything was centralized in one place which the organizers of the event found very user friendly.

Besides that, the organizers expressed their satisfaction with the prompt support and the consistent provision of adequate answers whenever they required them, adding to the success of their experience. Additionally, the personalized agenda was highly appreciated by the participants, while the organizers benefitted from the ability to track session attendance and plan seating accordingly. The event featured a range of engaging talks and presentations from leading experts in areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals industry, food science, and consulting. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with these experts, ask questions, and exchange ideas, which facilitated valuable knowledge sharing and collaboration.

In addition to the talks and presentations, the event included an exhibition area where participants could explore the latest jobs offered by various companies and organizations in the life science industry. This provided a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about cutting-edge technologies and innovations that could potentially revolutionize the field.

Overall, the Zurich Life Science Day 2023 was a remarkable success and served as a platform for fostering collaboration and innovation within the life science community with participants and company representatives expressing their satisfaction with the event and its organization. The event brought together researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from across the globe, and provided with the help of b2match a forum for participants to explore new ideas and forge valuable connections that will help advance the field of life science in the years to come.


Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

LSZYSN was created and is managed by graduate students & post-docs of the University and the ETH Zurich, who strive to connect life scientists to career opportunities beyond academia.

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