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Elevate Your Event With Automatic and Customizable Notifications

Take your event to the next level with web and email notifications that keep participants up-to-date and provide quick access to relevant options.

New Meeting Requests

Accepted Meetings

Cancelled Meetings

Rescheduled Meetings

Meeting Ratings

Reusable Profiles

Elevate Your Event With Automatic and Customizable $$Notifications$$


Engaging Notifications Make B2B Networking into a Fun & Careless Experience

Participants receive a reminder five minutes before their meeting. For online meetings, they can join directly through the notification.

Participants are updated about new requests, cancellations, rescheduling, and other changes related to their b2b meetings.

Participants can rate their meetings through the notifications if they haven’t rated them before.

Participants get automatic email notifications when they complete the registration, when their accounts have been activated, and other.

To keep the conversations flowing, participants get automatic email notifications if they have unread messages.

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