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An Interactive Event Agenda That’s More Than A Schedule

Leave bulleted lists in the past. Build a rich and interactive agenda comprised of sessions that are customizable through a variety of different settings.

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Agenda Builder

Rich Content

Personal Agenda Maker





An Interactive $$Event Agenda$$ That’s More Than A Schedule

Agenda Builder

Create Sessions To Build An Interactive Agenda

  • Sessions are used as building blocks for your event agenda
  • Distinguish between meeting sessions and regular sessions which are tipically used for workshops, conferences, roundtables, etc.
  • Add relevant information about the time, location, and participant limit of each session

Rich Content

Enrich Your Agenda With Relevant Content

Set up additional classifiers such as track or topics to categorize your sessions efficiently.

Create rich session descriptions and add pictures, videos, or files to captivate your participants attention.

Highlight you speakers on the event agenda to attract more participants. Speakers profiles are linked in the session info making it easy to get more information.

Explore Speakers

Give more visibility to companies hosting your sessions by displaying their company logo linking to their organization pages.

Personal Agenda Maker

Encourage Participants To Create Their Own Agenda

  • Participants can add sessions to their own agenda with just one click
  • Meetings are automatically added to “My Agenda” so each participant has their own personalized event schedule
  • You have insight into each participant’s agenda, giving you valuable information about which participants attend which session
  • Participants can also print out their agendas in PDF form, or you can do it for them and hand them out as they arrive at the event location

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