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Gain A Deeper Insight With Our Reporting & Analytics Features

Download substantial spreadsheets for creating extensive event reports and keep track of your participants in real time.


Registration Statistics

Meeting Statistics

Participant Activity

Website Visitor Tracking

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Gain A Deeper Insight With Our $$Reporting & Analytics Features$$


Keep Track Of Your Event’s Performance With A Powerful Dashboard

Analyze data in real-time and get insights on registrations, meeting efficiency and trends in your event’s performance.

Keep an eye on the number of your logged-in participants and website visitors in real time.

See how many participants have logged in the last 30 days and analyze potential trends.

Get detailed statistics about registrations that include data like the number of on-site or remote participants, number of registrations to specific sessions, participants that canceled their attendance, and many other metrics.

The efficiency of your event’s b2b matchmaking can be tracked in our meetings statistics showing you data like the number of attendees participating in matchmaking, meeting request statuses, and other.

Downloadable documents

Improve Event Reports by Downloading Automatically Created Spreadsheets

Simplify your data management with us. All your event data is collected and contained in a substantial spreadsheet which you can use to create detailed reports.

All your participants’ data is gathered in a substantial spreadsheet which you can easily download and use to create detailed reports.

Get detailed statistics about participants, meetings and meeting ratings in a single spreadsheet summarizing your event.

Download ready-for-print PDF schedules like the table and timeslot schedules or agenda schedules for all participants.

Download all Marketplace opportunities in a single Excel file or PDF catalog.

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