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Flexible Registration

The Event Registration Software Powering Unforgettable Experiences

Our flexible registration offers you a wide array of custom questions and settings which you can use to get the most from your participants.

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Participant Segmentation

Custom Questions

Public Registration

Private Registration

Registration Time Frame

Registration Rules

The Event $$Registration Software$$ Powering Unforgettable Experiences

Flexible & powerful registration settings

Set Up An Event Registration Form Perfectly Tailored For Your Needs

With b2match, you get an array of possibilities to customize your registration so that it fits your event goals and audience perfectly.

Participants can choose whether they will be attending the event online, in-person or both.

Segment your participants into specific groups which can be used in various ways, like filtering the participants list.

To create attractive profiles, participants can add their profile picture, occupation, organization, pitch, biography, social links and more.

Create custom questions, make them mandatory or optional, categorize them into groups or set up specific questions for certain participant types.

registration settings

Configure the Registration Process

  • Define the time period during which participants can sign up for the event
  • Choose between a public registration option, or a private one with personal invitations
  • Set up rules that dictate which participant group can attend which sessions

participant segmentation

Effectively Categorize Your Participants

  • Define participant types that will segment your attendees during the registration form
  • Use participant types to define rules that limit access to certain event content
  • Set up visibility rules and easily hide participant groups from each other

customizable questions

Add Various Types of Questions to the Form

  • Choose between single and multiple choice questions, text input, file upload, and more
  • Categorize questions into groups or set up specific questions for certain participant types
  • Configure mandatory questions and decide if the answers are visible in participant profiles

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