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Allow Attendees To Present Themselves With Participant Profiles

A business card of the future. Participants can create rich profiles which they can use to interact with other attendees.

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Reusable Profiles

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Allow Attendees To Present Themselves  With $$Participant Profiles$$

Rich event participant profiles

Determine What Information Will the Participant Profile Contain

You decide what the participant profile will look like and how the information is structured.

Participants present themselves by adding a short pitch, biography, achievements and other relevant information.

Participants add tags during registration showcasing their skills & interests.

Add custom questions and build a perfect participant profile, which can include text & files. Make them mandatory to ensure you get the answers you need.

Create dedicated profiles for your speakers, assign sessions to them, add biographies and more.

Speakers Page

Increase organization visibility by adding detailed information, tags, social links and marketplace opportunities.

Companies and participants showcase their business offers, services and products by adding business opportunities enriched with images, videos and files.

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Set Up Classifiers Which Will Be Used For Filtering

  • Use custom questions in the registration form to effectively categorize your participants based on various criteria
  • Configure various tags that will appear on the profile and serve as a quick profile overview
  • Create filters for the participant list and help your attendees find each other more easily
Participant Profile Reusable Account.png

reusable account

Participant Use The Same Account For All Your Events

  • Participants can reuse their b2match user accounts for other events
  • Import their profile data in your future events and speed up their registration process
  • Make it as easy as possible for them to register and get more participants
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AI Matches & bookmarks

Increase B2B Networking Success With AI Technology

  • Our machine-learning algorithm gathers valuable data about participant’s activity to provide personalized profile suggestions
  • AI-generated business match suggestions can be found in a separate section of the participants list
  • Participants bookmark participant profiles they find interesting to get back at a later stage

AI Matchmaking Explained

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