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Utilize The Marketplace To Open Up A World Of Opportunities

Our most flexible feature ever. Use the b2b online Marketplace on any type of event and allow participants to upload opportunities and showcase what they have to offer, or what they are looking for even before the event.



Opportunity List


Single Opportunity Page

Customization Options

Reusable Profiles

Utilize The $$Marketplace$$ To Open Up A World Of Opportunities

Customizable marketplace page

The Marketplace Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

List of all marketplace opportunities created by the participants are shown on a dedicated Marketplace page. The advanced search & filtering help participants find their way to the best business opportunity.

Participants can select the marketplace grid overview for an even more user-friendly view focused only on the main information, images, files and videos authors have added to their opportunities.

Marketplace Opportunity types.png


Enable Multiple Opportunity Categories to Give Your Participans More Options

  • Marketplace opportunities can be categorized into products, services, projects, requests, etc.
  • Categorization allows participants to find what they are looking for more easily
  • Each opportunity category can have subcategories with detailed classification
Marketplace Opportunities list filters.png

advanced filtering

Define Multi-Level Filters And Help Participants Find Business Opportunities

  • All published opportunities are listed on the Marketplace page
  • Categories and classifiers appear as a set of detailed filters on the search panel
  • Participants can request a meeting with the author directly through the opportunity list

Opportunity landing page

Individual Opportunity Page Displays a Large Amount of Information With Rich Content

Participants and companies can create detailed and attractive business offers that close deals. Help participants boost marketing & sales with a dedicated opportunity landing page.

When creating a marketplace opportunity, participants can add a short description which will be shown on the marketplace list.

Participants can create rich opportunity descriptions with links, bulleted lists, formatted text, and more.

Participants can upload files to add more information to the opportunity in the form of videos, brochures, presentations, etc.

We increase the company’s brand visibility by listing it under each marketplace opportunity a company representative has created.

Explore organizations

Similar marketplace opportunities are also shown on the opportunity page to increase participants' engagement and activities.

Discover Various Uses of the Marketplace

Don’t let the name fool you. Explore the various uses of our Marketplace and utilize it on your next networking event. Give your particpants the ability to showcase what they offer in the best possible way.

  • Product Listings

  • Services

  • Project Ideas

  • Job Ads

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Partnership Requests

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