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Set Up Live Stages And Reach A Bigger Audience

Utilize the full potential of a virtual event networking platform, create an immersive virtual event experience and expand your reach worldwide with a professional live stage.

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Integrated Streaming

Embedding External Streams

Live Stage Chat

Pre-recorder Videos


Set Up $$Live Stages$$ And Reach A Bigger Audience

Integrated Streaming

Stream Your Online Conferences Easily

  • Use a videoconferencing tool of your choice that supports live streaming
  • Set up RTMP streaming to minimize the delay between the broadcast and the viewer
  • No advanced IT knowledge needed, start streaming in just a few clicks

External Streams

Effortlessly Embed Your Existing Live Streams

  • Create your live stream by simply copying the embed code and pasting it to the required field
  • You can stream pre-recorded videos on the live stage, and also record your live stream directly through our platform
  • Any embeddable external streaming tool is supported, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.

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