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Rich Company Pages For Increased Visibility

Allow participants to create company profiles rich with content and add another layer to participant management.

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Rich $$Company Pages$$ For Increased Visibility

Rich Company Profiles

Give Companies An Extra Layer Of Importance With Extra Content

Dedicated company pages contain organization related information. You determine what kind of information will be displayed on the profile and how it’s structured.

Participants can create a company page and add a detailed description, select areas of activities, describe what they are looking for or offering, and upload files and resources

Participants from the same company are listed on the page as representatives. Other participants can schedule a meeting with them, start a conversation, or bookmark the profiles to get in touch later.

Set up custom fields to define what the company page will look like and what additional information participants need to provide in order to create it.

Participants can add logos, cover images, social media links, and other resources to increase their company's brand awareness.

All marketplace opportunities created by the company representatives can be shown on the company page, providing a clear overview of what the company is offering or looking for

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Put a spotlight on selected companies or exhibitors by connecting them with sessions and workshops, which will also be shown on their company pages.

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Company Representatives

Company Representatives Share The Same Company Profile

  • In addition to their participant profiles, all representatives can share a company profile
  • Other participants have a clear overview and can decide which representative(s) they want to meet
  • Company representatives can invite their colleagues directly from the company page
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All Marketplace Opportunities Gathered In One Place

  • All marketplace opportunities created by the representatives are listed both on the participant profiles and their company page
  • Entries are also shown on the Marketplace page where participants can filter and search for business opportunities they are looking for
  • Participants can publish or unpublish opportunities and use them on various events across the platform

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