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Business Opportunities in Portugal and Norway - Event at Sentralen in Oslo


8. Nov. 2022

Oslo, Norwegen



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Über dieses Event

Portugal is visiting Norway to discuss cooperation on business opportunities, and we invite Portuguese and Norwegian businesses for an event and matchmaking at Sentralen in Oslo. Norway and Portugal share an ocean and together make up over 50% of the European maritime coast. We share social, economic and environmental interest in connection to our common ocean, which is also our common future. We invite businesses with innovative solutions, products and technology within the areas of: 1. Maritime Technology 2. Fisheries and Aquaculture 3. Energy Resources and Biotechnology 4. Digital Transition and Industry 4.0 Portugal, like other EU member states, is investing massively in the green and digital transition to implement the European Green Deal. Norwegian businesses can cooperate with Portuguese entities in calls, tenders and projects in Portugal. Portugal and Norway also cooperate in the EEA Grants (EØS-midlene) which finances cooperation on business innovation and blue growth. By 2026, Portugal will invest 16,6 billion euro as part of its Recovery and Resilience Plan to implement the European Green Deal. Portugal's Recovery and Resilience Plan aims to boost the Portuguese economy as a response to the coronavirus pandemic and to implement the European Green Deal. See the upcoming tenders on the website for Portugal 2030: https://recuperarportugal.gov.pt/?lang=en. The event outlines these opportunities and provides a matchmaking between Norwegian and Portuguese businesses. Join us at Sentralen on 8 November!


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