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24. Okt. - 26, 2023

Timișoara, Rumänien



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Über dieses Event

The 6th edition of this unique event will bring together companies, organizations, universities, and public entities, which is the perfect environment for international partnerships, resulting in increased health-related economic competitiveness. BEHEALTH 2023 is an event organized by ROHEALTH – Cluster for Health and Bioeconomy. ROHEALTH is the only Romanian Health and Bioeconomy cluster with national coverage. The cluster generated and implemented initiatives covering more than 200 mEuro budget for competitiveness and innovation. As a Silver Label cluster with more than 90 members, Rohealth's expertise today covers a wide range of fields that you will discover as sessions/panels in the agenda: E-Health Medical Equipment and Instruments Translational Medicine Materials for Health Women Entrepreneurship Education for health The hospitals from home Clusters for Health networking Social Responsibility for Health Health Policies & Infrastructures Bioeconomy for Health BEHEALTH brokerage outcome will have a crucial contribution to relevant market opportunities regarding collaboration with partners in the health area. The BEHEALTH agenda includes, besides the brokerage event, also a start-up contest and 10 panels for discussions covering the cluster expertise. Check here the Agenda. We aim to create a unique experience for participants by mixing areas of interest such as the importance of internationalization, specific techniques, and policies for entering the foreign market, the role of clusters in the innovation process, access to national and international financing sources, models of best practices in health business and innovation, intellectual property rights and international networking in Health Domain.


ROHEALTH - Cluster for Health and Bioeconomy