Company Representatives


Sometimes, one delegate is simply not enough to represent an institution or a company at the event or during the 1:1 meetings, therefore b2match offers you the possibility to organize meetings with a company representative.

As event organizers, keep in mind that

  • an organization profile has to be inserted only once. All the subsequent will be duplicates and the information will be scattered across several organizations profile.
  • participants of the same organization are listed and grouped together under a single organization profile
  • the company representative can do the following
    • invite other colleagues to join the event
    • manage the profiles of their colleagues
    • book & confirm meetings on-behalf of their colleagues
    • access to the entire 1:1 meetings schedule of the company representatives.

    This feature is only available in some of our packages, as it requires the domain solution enabled. If you would like to try it out for your next event, contact our Sales team

    Participants: How to register as a company representative

    After the participant enters their credentials and select the session they want to attend, they will reach the Complete Your Profile page.

    In the Organization Information section, they will be prompted to enter the organization name.

    Here, they need to select an existing organization or create a new one, provided that they're the first participant from their organization who registers the event.

    If the organization is already created

    • If a participant within the same organization already registered, it will be displayed in the drop down menu

    • The participant needs to click on it in order to choose it as their organization
    • When selecting an already existing organization, the participants don’t have to select organization type, description, website and logo, as this information has been previously pre-filled.

    If the organization is not created

    • If no participant with your organization name registered, you will have to click on Create company in the drop down menu. The organization profile has to be created, by adding the mandatory information - organization type and description - and the optional information - website and logo.

    • The first participant registering on behalf of the company automatically becomes a Company Manager in the system. 
    If you will be representing other organizations at the same event, you can select them during registration under Representations.

    What can Company Managers do? 

    A Company Manager is the participant who registered first with a company thus created the company's profile, and is able to create representatives and manage their attendance and meetings. All members of the company will have the Company Representatives page under My profile.

    Here they can do the following:

    The organizer can subsequently change or add more Company Managers. 

    Organizers: How you manage company representatives

    Manage profiles

    As event organizer you are able to manage the representatives' profiles, except for the email addresses and passwords. In order to do that, you need to access Organizations' profile panels (Organizations - click on the organization for which you want to modify the profile or add a participant).

    Here, you can do the following: 

    • edit the organization's details by going to Profile
    • define Company Managers by going to Participants in the organization's profile panel and ticking the box in the Manager column for the corresponding participant

    • add new company representatives by going to Participants in the organization's profile panel, clicking on Add and inserting the requested details

    • define if the representatives you're adding are Company Managers or not

    • delete organizations and participants (keep in mind that once you delete an organization with registered participants, these participants will be deleted automatically with the organization, too)

    As an event organizer, you also have the ability to impersonate all participants and edit their contact details. Go to the Participants list and click on the participant you want to impersonate. 

    Manage meetings

    You can find the list of the participant's meetings in the participant profile panel and the organizations profile panel, in the Meetings tab.

    • change the meetings status by clicking on the arrow next to the actual meeting status

    change the meeting host by clicking on Change Host - here, all the representative of the host's company will be shown

    • change the meeting guest by clicking on Change Guest - here, all the representatives of the guest's company will be shown
    • schedule the meetings by choosing the time-slot in Schedule and set the table number in Location
      Don't forget to save your changes.