Advanced Search

You can use the advanced search in the participant's list in the organizer's tool, and in Messages - Outbox, when you click on Filter recipients.

  • Text Search - search for participants using their names or name of their organizations
  • Registration status & validation - search by using the status as a filter, the timeframe when the participants registered, if they're validated or no and when were they validated, or by visibility on the website
  • Support Offices - search by using the support offices as filters
  • Payment status - search by using the payment status as a filter
  • 1:1 Meetings - search by participating/not participating in matchmaking filter
  • Meetings status - search by meeting status 
  • Marketplace - search by filtering the participant with and without marketplace entries
  • Pictures - filter the participants with profile picture and/or company logo
  • Areas of Activity - filter participant by using the areas of activities as criteria
  • Sessions - filter participants by the sessions they chose to attend
  • Checkin - filter participants by their checkin status
  • Payment status - filter participants by their payment status
  • Tickets - filter participants by tickets
  • Countries - filter participants by countries
  • Organization Type - search by selecting the organization types you added in the configuration
  • Participation Type - search by selecting the participation types you added in the configuration
  • Displayed columns - choose which columns you want to be displayed in the Participants list. Select which columns should be shown in the table by dragging them between Selected Columns list and Other Columns list. Drag and drop columns within the selected list to specify the order. You can save this way of displaying the list by adding a name for it, which will be shown in the list of predefined filters or you can use it this way throughout the entire event.
  • Filter Name & Settings - if you want this search to be saved and shown in Participants, set a name for it and save it.