28 November 2023


Turkish Hazelnut Industry Networking & Matchmaking Event

Welcome to the Turkish Hazelnut Industry Networking & Matchmaking Event!

Welcome to the Turkish Hazelnut Industry Networking & Matchmaking Event, an exclusive gathering of esteemed professionals and businesses from the Turkish and German hazelnut sectors.

Scheduled to take place on 28th November 2023 in the vibrant city of Hamburg, this event offers a remarkable platform for collaboration and exploration in the hazelnut industry.

  • Date: 28 November 2023, Tuesday

  • Time: 10:00 - 16:30

  • Venue: Renaissance Hamburg Hotel, Grosse Bleichen 20354 Hamburg

Event Overview

Discover the world of hazelnuts and unlock unparalleled business opportunities at this carefully curated event. German enterprises seeking to engage efficiently with Turkish hazelnut suppliers will find this event to be a direct window to the extensive range of hazelnut products offered by their Turkish counterparts. From natural, blanched, and roasted hazelnut kernels to delectable hazelnut spreads, explore a diverse array of high-quality hazelnut products from established Turkish suppliers.

Why Attend

Join us at the Turkish Hazelnut Industry Networking & Matchmaking Event for an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the heart of the hazelnut industry. With Turkey accounting for an impressive 70% of global hazelnut production and a gathering of highly experienced and professional companies in the industry, this event offers a multitude of compelling reasons for your participation:

Unlock the Power of Turkish Hazelnuts

Turkey stands as the leader in hazelnut production, contributing a substantial 70% to the world's hazelnut output. Engage with Turkish hazelnut experts and suppliers to access a diverse range of premium hazelnut products, showcasing the country's expertise and unparalleled quality.

  1. Connect with Industry Professionals: Connect with influential figures and thought leaders in the Turkish and German hazelnut sectors. Forge connections that could potentially shape the future of your business, fostering collaborative partnerships and business ventures.

  2. Expand Your Business and Trade Opportunities: Explore a diverse spectrum of hazelnut products offered by established Turkish suppliers. From natural hazelnut kernels to finely roasted variants and hazelnut spreads, discover opportunities for potential trade and expansion into new markets.

  3. Face-to-Face Engagements: Participate in face-to-face meetings with selected Turkish hazelnut suppliers, fostering direct and meaningful interactions. Exchange ideas, share best practices, and build relationships that can drive growth and innovation in the global hazelnut market.

  4. Strategic Alliances: Leverage the opportunity to form strategic alliances and strategic sourcing partnerships with Turkish suppliers. Negotiate terms, discuss potential collaborations, and establish mutually beneficial agreements for the long-term sustainability of your business.

Who Can Attend

The Turkish Hazelnut Industry Networking & Matchmaking Event welcomes a diverse audience of professionals within the hazelnut sector. This event is ideal for German enterprises seeking to expand their hazelnut-related operations, including importers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Additionally, industry experts, researchers, and organizations focused on hazelnut production and trade are encouraged to participate, fostering a holistic exchange of ideas and opportunities within this vital sector.

How to Attend

Your participation in the Turkish Hazelnut Industry Networking & Matchmaking Event is meticulously orchestrated for utmost convenience and efficacy in establishing meaningful connections. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless and productive attendance:

  1. Registration: Begin your journey by formally registering for the event through the official website. Submit essential details regarding your company, position, contact information, and specific interests for the event.

  2. Selection of Turkish Counterparts: Navigate the event website to access an extensive directory of esteemed Turkish hazelnut companies. Thoroughly evaluate their profiles, understand their offerings and specialized expertise. Thoughtfully select Turkish hazelnut suppliers aligning with your strategic business objectives.

  3. Initiation of Meeting Requests: Leverage the event platform to initiate meticulously tailored meeting requests with your chosen Turkish hazelnut suppliers. Precision and conciseness in scheduling these meetings are pivotal in establishing focused and productive dialogues during the event.

  4. Confirmation and Event Participation: Following acceptance of your meeting requests by the Turkish hazelnut suppliers, formal invitations will be extended for your physical attendance at the event scheduled for 28th November 2023. Reserve this significant date in your calendar to actively engage in enriching discussions and networking opportunities.

This project is co-funded by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade