Seagriculture EU 2024

18–20 Jun 2024 | Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

18 June 2024 - 20 June 2024

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

14 Norðari Ringvegur

The Nordic House

Seagriculture EU 2024

Theme of Seagriculture EU 2024: Bridging Continents

The theme of Seagriculture EU 2024, Bridging Continents, transcends borders and oceans to unite seaweed enthusiasts from diverse corners of the world. We'll delve deep into the global landscape of seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and innovation, learning from the unique experiences and perspectives of experts and enthusiasts from various countries and continents. Get ready to build connections, share insights, and uncover the potential of seaweed on a global scale. Seagriculture EU 2024 is where the world of seaweed meets, exchanges, and thrives.