European Maritime Day 2024

30–31 May 2024 | Svendborg, Denmark


European Maritime Day 2024


Live streaming in English will be available only for the plenary sessions as follows:

Thursday, 30 May:

Friday, 31 May:

  • High-level panel 2 : Our Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters - Cities to the rescue / Mayors of EMD Cities Network - Add it to your agenda !

  • The leading role of the European shipping industry in decarbonisation: High Level Industry Representative vision for the future - Add it to your agenda !

  • Closing session - Add it to your agenda !


Thematic workshops organised by maritime stakeholders are at the core of the conference. Workshop organisers design and manage their sessions and each workshop lasts 1h15.

24 workshops will take place in this edition under the following themes:

  • Food security (blue biotechnology, aquaculture, fisheries, algae, biodiversity etc.)

  • Maritime security (surveillance, defence etc.)

  • Blue energy (marine renewable energy, alternative fuels, energy transition, decarbonisation, desalination, port adaptation etc.)

  • Enablers (marine research, innovation, technology, observation, blue skills, MSP, digitalisation, investment etc.)

  • Maritime cooperation (regional, sea-basins, Civil Society, stakeholder relations etc.)


Pitch sessions will take place on the 3rd Floor, on a dedicated area with some seats for audience. The pitch stage is an open area so everyone is welcome. As we however wish to monitor the interest you would need to register to the session.


At the EMD, we have the pleasure of introducing a graphical recorder, Fanny Didou, who will follow the plenary and pitch sessions and bring her input in the format of drawings linked to EMD speakers, networking, thematic conclusions and such. At the plenary sessions you will be able to see her work briefly on screen while following the pitch sessions there will be a digital book possible to consult afterwards.

Fanny Didou is an artist and graphic recorder. She focuses on environmental and social change. She uses systems thinking with art to support dialogue, creating images in real time during conferences and workshops.