Belgian Economic Mission Norway

16–19 Jun 2024 | Norway

Belgian Economic Mission Norway

Workshop on Circular Economy for materials & Sustainable Innovation

Welcome to “workshop on Circular Economy for materials & Sustainable Innovation”

The workshop is one of the key events scheduled during the Belgian Economic Mission which will take place in Oslo from the 17th to the 19th of June and will be presided over by H.R.H Princess Astrid of Belgium. Oslo Plaza (TBC) 19/06 - 11.00-15.00

Circularity beeing one of the 3 key sectors adressed during this mission, this will be the occasion for Belgian and Norwegian participants to have insights in present ecosystems, strategic initiatives, projects and further discuss potentiel collaboration between the two countries.

The Belgian contribution to the program is developed by CRMGroup, the coordinator of the WIN4C strategic initiative; with a focus on projects related

  • Circularity of metal

  • Valorization of metal waste

  • Batteries value chain.

 About Win4C:

Win4C (Walloon Initiative for Circular Materials) is a strategic initiative promoting circular economy and positioning Wallonia as a strategic place in a cross-border economy by 2030. The projects in the initiative aim to redefine the life cycle of technological materials, adopting a “cradle to cradle” approach, with a keen focus on cross-border material flow.

Win4C adresses circularity on 3 material groups: metals, plastic/composite, and minerals.

 About CRM Group:

Based in Liège/Wallonia, CRM Group’s activities are centred on the production, transformation, coating, use and recycling of metallic materials. Since 1948, CRM offers R&D and technology solutions focusing on the development of innovative processes and products that create value for our industrial partners. The group combines skilled and experienced research teams with unparalleled testing facilities covering the whole manufacture chain of metals, from raw materials to advanced steel applications, ranging in size from laboratory scale to pilot and even semi-industrial production lines.