Our Solution for your event

Satisfied attendees is the one single metric to successful events. See how you can get there with b2match.

Powerful participant networking

Our matchmaking process makes sure that your participants can request, manage and schedule meetings efficiently.

See who's attending

Your participants and their profiles are visible to event attendees.

Request & schedule on-site meetings

Participants can request meetings with each other. Meetings are scheduled by the organiser or the participants themselves by choosing time slots.


Participants that start networking can exchange messages directly with each other through b2match.

Powerful event registration
Customized Event Website

Create beautiful & engaging landing pages in minutes

You have no website for your event? No problem! With b2match, you can build a beautiful & responsive landing page for your event in minutes!

No HTML & CSS knowledge required

You can build your landing page by simply moving sections & components.

Fully responsive

b2match is optimized to look beautiful on both desktop and mobile.

Straightforward event registration for participants

b2match’s registration process is user friendly and optimized for the needs of networking events.

Global User Accounts

Event participants have one global user account in order to access all their events.

Session & Matchmaking registration

Organisers can specify which session are open for registration to participants.

LinkedIn & Google Integration

Your participants can simply log in using LinkedIn or Google.

Customized Event Website
Easy Participant Matchmaking

Powerful event management tool for organisers

Organisers can setup & configure events, manage participants and schedule meetings among many other features with the b2match Organiser Tool.

Powerful settings

b2match offers many settings to configure your event to match your needs.

Effective meeting scheduling

Organisers can manually schedule meetings between participants.

Import & Export Data

Organisers can import participant data and send invitations. Additionally all participant data can be exported to Excel/CSV.

Email Marketing & Automated Notifications

Keep your participants engaged and informed about your event by sending them emails via b2match. Our software will send automatic notifications and reminders for meeting requests.

Automated meeting notifications

Participants will get notified about anything related to their meetings and meeting requests in order to optimize engagement.

Custom participant mailing

Organisers can send custom emails to their registered participants through b2match.

Easy Participant Matchmaking

Do you already have a website for your event?

b2match is designed to work perfectly with existing event website!

Additional features

Customizable Event Website

Easily create your personal event website with our website builder and promote your event.


Create a registration form that perfectly fits your event.


Easily handle ticketing and payments with our reliable partners like PayPal or Stripe.

Participant Management

Get an overview of all your participants’ information such as their meetings or payment status.


Easily notify all your attendees or target specific groups through our integrated mailing system.

Mobile App

The b2match event app allows participants to book and manage meetings on-site at an event. Available for Android and iOS.

Event Promotion

Promote your event with our widely distributed event newsletter and our events site.


Import sets of participants from Excel or CSV.


Export custom sets of data from your event to Excel or PDF.