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Smart Event Management

Our event management focus is to make sure you can leverage the potential of goal-oriented meetings and create an event framework that maximizes connectivity.

Attendee Management

Gives you full control over your participants and enables you to take action wherever it is needed, in every phase of the event.

Team Collaboration

Team management and collaboration on event projects made easy with multiple organizer accesses, permissions and role responsibilities.

Imports & Exports

You can import participant lists, contact data sets and send invitations. Additionally, all data can be exported to Excel/CSV.

Powerful settings

Configure and adapt everything to perfectly meet the requirements of your event with powerful and ultra-flexible settings. Simply copy your preferred settings for upcoming events.

On-Site Management

Create and print customizable badges and use our mobile app to streamline your check-in process.

Surveys & Reporting

Discover what your attendees think about your event with custom feedback forms, multi-stage distribution & meeting rate options. Be ready to analyze and improve with export-ready data sets.

Attendee Management
Event Information
Imports & Exports

B2B Matchmaking Software

Take full control over the dynamics of participant networking, simplify the process of connecting and make more out of your event, with goal-oriented matchmaking.

Detailed Networking Profiles
Flexible Matchmaking Settings
Messaging & Notifications
Detailed Networking Profiles

Let attendees create in-depth networking profiles telling others about themselves, their business field and company details..

Marketplace Entries

Everyone at the event is searching for and offering something, from products and services to partnerships. Those opportunities can be listed in the marketplace area, facilitating an even more goal-oriented matching.

Flexible Matchmaking Settings

Facilitate matchmaking with the segmentation of different participant groups and custom, multi-dimensional categorizations for the business fields. Custom booking rules allow you to control who can request meetings with whom.

Different Meeting Formats

Versatile and proven meeting formats shape the perfect matchmaking experience of your attendees. From one-on-one, to round table and booth meetings.

Virtual/Online Meetings

Virtual meetings give your events and participants more flexibility. Participants can have 1-1 meetings online through our video conferencing tool.

Effective Meetings Management

Participants can tailor their networking experience by requesting, managing and pre-scheduling their meetings before the event. The time and space allocation of meetings is fully customizable.

Messaging & Notifications

Participants can exchange messages directly with each other through b2match and stay in contact. Automated meeting notifications keep them notified about anything related to their meetings.

Virtual Event Solution

Create an engaging virtual experience for your audience to network, connect & collaborate

Distribute & broadcast content

Your participants can easily register and attend online sessions such as workshops, webinars and more.

Integrated broadcasting of live-sessions

No need for extra software installation! Our video conferencing solution works with all modern browsers and up to 100 participants.

Video Conferencing

Participants can have their virtual meetings through our 100 % integrated video conferencing tool.

Automatic Timezone Consideration

The system automatically respects the participants’ local timezone when scheduling the sessions and meetings.

Mode of Attendance

You can choose how to incorporate virtual meetings into your event. Take the whole event virtually or offer it as an extra meeting format for physical events.

Incorporate any streaming provider

Simply embed links to your session buttons and work with any third-party streaming provider.

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Online meetings
Online Meetings Share Data
Set Event
Incorporate any streaming provider

Extensive Event Agenda

Represent any event agenda, from the most complex to simple, in a user-centered way that makes it easy to navigate your event program and interact with it.

Modular Building Blocks
In-Depth Descriptions
Usability & Integration
Modular Building Blocks

Your event agenda can be constructed with different types of sessions. With our modular building blocks, we can represent almost any kind of event program.

In-Depth Descriptions

Add detailed descriptions, speakers’ information or location details to the single agenda sessions.

Personalized Participant Agenda

Participants can easily configure their personalized event schedule out of the overall event program. Accessible in the mobile App and downloadable as a PDF.

Usability & Integration

Give participants uncomplicated access to all relevant information and make it easy to navigate through the agenda Filters by time, location and session types

Participant Registration & Ticketing

Streamline your event with our straightforward registration process, optimized for the needs of networking and matchmaking events.

Customizable Registration Process
Promotion Codes / Discount
Customizable Registration Process

Our registration system is perfectly flexible and can be adapted to your events workflow and its specific requirements.

Ticketing & Payment Processing

Sell ticket packages directly through b2match. Connect your own Stripe or PayPal account to our platform and receive your money directly into your bank account. Automated invoicing included.

Promotion Codes / Discount

Create flexible multi-use discount codes for promotional pricing, flash sales or create single use codes to hook up your friends with special rates.

Session, Workshops & Matchmaking Registration

Let your attendees select sessions, workshops, round tables and availability for 1:1 meetings.

Single Sign-On (LinkedIn & Google)

Your participants can simply use their LinkedIn or Google accounts to register even faster. Once registered on the b2match platform, they can access all their events from one global user account.

Existing Registration Platform?

If you already use a registration system, we can connect it to b2match and import your registrations automatically.

Event Communication & Marketing

Professionally and easily promote your upcoming event with all the essential marketing components our platform includes.

Event Website

Promote your event with an engaging and fully responsive event website that is set-up quickly and without any programming knowledge required, thanks to our straightforward website builder.

Email Campaigns

Utilize targeted emails to promote your event among participant or contact lists and drive engagement with automated email campaigns

Metrics & Analytics

To monitor site performance and direct marketing decisions you can easily integrate your own Google Analytics tracking ID and thereby measure all the relevant site metrics.

Event Website

Existing Website?

If you already have an existing event website, we can connect it to b2match!

Mobile Event App

Create a more holistic event experience, stimulate engagement, and increase attendee satisfaction by bringing your event into the participant’s pocket. Upgrade your event’s impact with our perfectly integrated mobile app.

Matchmaking, Meetings Management & Messaging
Content Distribution
White-Label Deployment
Matchmaking, Meetings Management & Messaging

Participants can easily manage their matchmaking, do last-minute changes during the event, book additional meetings or stay in contact with each other via the integrated messaging.

Personalized Program Access

To keep an effortless overview of their attendance, the mobile app gives participants access to the overall event agenda and their personalized scheduled.

Content Distribution

Give straight access to all relevant information about your event, like sponsors, floor plans, etc. by displaying it directly in our mobile app.

Check-In Management

Less stress and shorter queues at your event with our mobile app’s participant check-in.

Live Polls & Questions

Add interactivity to your event and let participants ask questions during speaker sessions or cast their vote in live polls.

Customized & Automated Push-Notifications

Make sure to stay in touch with your attendees when they are on-site with customized push-notifications. Our system keeps participants updated about any changes related to their meetings and personalized schedules automatically.

White-Label Deployment

Your branded version of our app for all your events, available for Android and iOS.