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Boost Participant Collaboration With Group Meetings

Teamwork makes the dream work. Facilitate group meetings, whether it’s representatives from two companies, or participants working on the same project

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Editing Meetings

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Boost Participant Collaboration With $$Group Meetings$$
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Requesting Meetings

An Intuitive User Interface Allows Easy Meeting Requesting

  • Participants can add more people to the meeting by searching for their names
  • Availability is taken into account, so participants see which time slots fit all meeting members
  • Sending a message with the request automatically creates a group conversation
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Editing Meetings

Advanced Meeting Management Provides Seamless Meeting Editing

  • Participants can easily reschedule an existing meeting based on mutual availability
  • New participants can be added even after the initial meeting has been scheduled
  • Participants can accept group meeting requests on behalf of their colleagues
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Opportunity Representatives

Opportunity Representatives Automatically Generate Group Meetings

  • Participants can associate multiple participants with one Marketplace opportunity
  • All opportunity representatives are listed on the opportunity page
  • Requesting a meeting through the opportunity automatically adds all opportunity representatives to the meeting

A Powerful Participant Profile Made For Networking That Facilitates Business Opportunities

  • AI Matchmaking

    Our powerful machine learning algorithm generates personalized profile recommendations for each participant

  • Conversations

    Real-time messaging allows participants easy communication through one-on-one or group conversations

  • Meetings

    Whether they are one-on one or group meetings, participants can easily request and schedule them without additional software

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