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Facilitate Business Opportunities With 1-on-1 Meetings

The main reason for any b2b event or community. Let participants request and schedule their own meetings, define the process and set up limitations.

Time Slot Management

Request Modes

Scheduling Modes

Booking Rules


In-person Meetings

Online Video Meetings

Facilitate Business Opportunities With $$1-on-1 Meetings$$
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Time Slot Management

Let Participants Manage Their Own Meeting Time Slots

  • You define the meeting time slots by creating meeting sessions in the Agenda
  • Participants decide when they want to have meetings by selecting the time slots
  • Based on mutual availability, participants can send each other meeting requests
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Request & Scheduling modes

Explore Different Request & Scheduling Modes

  • Determine if participants can accept or decline requests, or if requests are automatically accepted
  • Decide whether the request sender chooses the time, or the requests receiver
  • Enable manual meeting scheduling if you want to be in charge of the entire schedule
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Booking Rules

Set Up Limitations And Decide Who Can Meet Whom

  • Segment your participants into separate groups, for example, buyers and sellers
  • Create rules that prevent one group from requesting meetings with another group
  • Maximize meeting efficiency and make sure that participants only meet with who they need to

A Powerful Participant Profile Made For Networking That Facilitates Business Opportunities

  • AI Matchmaking

    Our powerful machine learning algorithm generates personalized profile recommendations for each participant

  • Conversations

    Real-time messaging allows participants easy communication through one-on-one or group conversations

  • Meetings

    Whether they are one-on one or group meetings, participants can easily request and schedule them without additional software

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