Changing the Event Type

This article refers to the events which were planned as on-site or online, which need to be switched to their online/on-site or to hybrid events. In this respect, the event type needs to be changed in the system, so contact us and we will make this change for you.

Follow the steps below if you already talked to our Customer Success team and ordered our virtual solutions.

  1. Let your participants know

    If switching to the event type happens at a later change and the participants are unaware of the change:

    • add an announcement on top of the home page, letting them know that the event will take place online/at a new location/hybrid
  2. Test the 1:1 virtual and hybrid meetings by making tests

    As virtual and hybrid meetings can be started at any given time before their end time, the organizers are able to test them by creating test registrations and booking meetings with each other.
  3. If you organize conferences or webinars, decide on which tool you will use

    In case of virtual or hybrid events, you need a video conference tool to organize the sessions such as conferences and webinars. You can integrate the tool you use on regular basis in your organization to the b2match agenda (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc) or you can use our integrated solution.
  4. If you have scheduled meetings, contact us

    If the event already has scheduled meetings, we need to make some changes in the system, so that the meetings become virtual/on-site meetings. 
    In case of hybrid events, you can change the session type to hybrid as long as there are not scheduled meetings within this session.