Registering for the Event

The participants can register for your event by using LinkedIn, Google, or their b2match account. 

Register with LinkedIn

If the participant chooses to register for the event by using LinkedIn, they need to sign in to LinkedIn and allow access. They need to enter their LinkedIn credentials (email and password) and click on Allow

Keep in mind that most of the LinkedIn accounts are created with personal email addresses, therefore you will register the event with your personal email address.

Your name and photo (as added in LinkedIn) will be pre-filled in the b2match registration.

Register with Google

If the participant chooses to register for the event by using Google, a Google account need to be chosen as a first step. The second step is entering the password set for the Google email which was chosen for the registration.

Register with Your b2match Account

If the participant does not have a b2match account yet and doesn't choose to register to the event by using their LinkedIn or Google accounts, the registration process is preceded by the sign-up step, which mean the participant need to create a b2match profile first:

  • Enter your email address

  • Add a password of minimum 8 characters. This password can be changed at a later stage from your account settings
  • Agree to b2match's terms of service and privacy policy.

If the participant has previously used b2match, the system will recognize the participant and their password will be required.