Event Promotion

As an organizer, you can promote your event on the b2match events website, which can create extra advertising traffic for your event and attract more participants.

Go to Configuration - Promotion Settings in your organizer tool to change how your event appears on our events website.

The event will be visible on the new page once it's published. However, you can disable the toggle button in the upper right corner if you do not want your event to be promoted on our website.


Choose the relevant topic for your event. On the promotion page, the events can be browsed by topic. To make sure your event fits in the right category, you can see check your options on the Topics Page.

Event description

Write a short description with the basic event information to attract potential participants. The maximum number of characters is 2000. The event description will be visible in the About this event area, after clicking on the event's thumbnail on the promotion page.

Promotion picture

Upload a picture that represents your event and make sure to have the size in mind. The recommended image size is 1480 x 830 px (16:9 aspect ratio).
If no picture is uploaded here, the hero image (banner) of the event website will be shown on the promotion page. There’s a chance that the hero image doesn’t look good on the promotion page due to a difference in the aspect ratio, so we recommend uploading an image with the recommended size and ratio.