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Payment with b2match

b2match offers the organizers a friendly interface to create tickets and manage payments

For organizers

Organizers can easily set up the payment, manage it, and edit it on the participant's behalf or make necessary amendments, such as refunds. 

For participants

Depending on the event settings, participants make the payment during registration or at a later stage. All the information, including downloadable invoices, can be found in the participant's dashboard.

Multiple event ticket types

Whenever you need to set up VIP, Exhibits Only and Early Bird passes for the same event, b2match can help with the possibility of creating multiple event ticket types.

You can apply a various set of rules for the tickets, such as expiration dates, visible by certain types of participants or certain sessions, or you can define promotion codes. 

Customizable invoices

The invoices, pro-formas and payment confirmations can be easily customized by the event owners. 

Payment Approval

Do you want to validate a participant's profile and payment before the payment is processed? This is the feature you need for your event.