Participants List in the Organizer's Tool

The Participants tab in the organizer's tool is the list of participants who have registered for your event. It is your main tool for managing participants.

You can define the information you see here by going to Predefined Filters at the top of the page and then choose the columns you want to see in the Participants list. 

Here, you can do the following:

  1. Search for a participant by name or organization name by using the search field at the top of the page.
  2. See the participants who are online/offline
  3. Filter participants by their registration status
  4. Filter participants on whether they are activated
  5. See the participants by their matchmaking status, if they participate to the networking or not
  6. Choose or define a Predefined Filter by clicking on Predefined filter and Add custom filter. Choose your criteria and a filter name. You can easily edit or delete the filter.
  7. Use Advanced Search if you need to filter participants by specific criteria.
  8. Batch Actions is a beta feature currently available for the b2match team alone. It enables us to perform an action on a batch of participants, so if you want to activate a large number of participants or you want to add a session to their agendas, let us know and we can help.
  9. You can use the Add participant feature in order to register participants on their behalf.
  10. The participant ID column is displayed by default in the list.
  11. Participant's name is displayed by default in the second column.
  12. Organization shows the participants' organization
  13. Country is displayed by default in the third column.
  14. Sessions column shows the number of sessions that the participant chose during registration.
  15. 1:1 Meetings column shows if the participant chose to participate to the matchmaking sessions and if so, the number of meetings that they have and their status.
  16. Activated column shows if the participant was activated or not. The green square indicates that the participant is activated.
  17. Visible column shows if the participant is visible on the website.
  18. Marketplace column shows if the participant has added Marketing entries and if so, their number.

Columns 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 can be displayed in the Participants list or not, depending on your choice. See more here.

Click on a participant's row in order to access the participant's profile panel. The row will turn yellow and the panel window will open on the right side of the screen.

Click on the arrows next to each column title in order to change the display order. The ID column will then display in ascending order. The name, organization, and country columns will be displayed in alphabetical order. The 1:1 Meetings column will show the participants with the most numerous meetings at the top. 

Support organizers view

The support organizers can see all the participants in the list, but they can only edit the participants they are responsible for.

By clicking on My participants the support organizers will only see the participants they are responsible for.

Changing participants visibility

Each participant can be set to be visible/invisible to other participants. Click on the eye icon inside the participant's row to change the participant's visibility. The green eye means that the participant is visible on the website, thus to other participants at the event.