Message Templates

Some email templates that the organizers find useful

Letting Participants Know That The Booking Has Opened

We recommend the organizers to send this email to all registered participants once the booking time frame has begun.

Dear participant,

From now on the booking of bilateral meetings for our event has opened. 

Check the participants' list, search for interesting profiles and click on Book Meeting.

Depending on the settings implemented by the organizer, your meeting will be immediately accepted or will have pending status until the invited attendee will accept it, it will be immediately scheduled or its timing will be decided by the organizer at a later stage. 

Deadline for booking is add date.

Kind regards,

The Event Organizers

Letting Participants Know That They Haven't Signed Up For Matchmaking

We recommend the organizers to send this email to participants who have not signed up for matchmaking. The recommended filters will be 'Registered' and 'Not participating in matchmaking'.

Dear participant,

We have realized that you have not signed up for bilateral meeting sessions. Please note, that if you do not sign up for bilateral meeting sessions, you will not be able to book or be booked for bilateral meetings at the event. 

Why should you join the bilateral meetings?

Here you can spotlight yourself and your company with a detailed profile, request meetings with decision makers you want to meet, and browse other participant business ideas. Your one-to-one meetings are summarized in a personal schedule, which you will receive prior to the event or upon your arrival at the venue.

What are the benefits of joining the bilateral meetings?

- you will receive meeting requests from other companies who are interested in your profile

- you can book bilateral meetings with companies you are interested in

- prearranged meetings are more promising than just networking during the breaks.

You can join the matchmaking sessions by updating your attendance (add 'Attendance' link or action button) - tick the matchmaking sessions in your agenda.

Kind regards,

The Event Organizers

Letting Participants Know About Their Agenda

Dear participant,

Please access your final meeting schedule (add 'Agenda' link or action button), which you can also download.

Please inform us if you are not able to attend the bilateral meetings.

Kind regards,

The Event Organizers

b2match App Information

The b2match app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store and it allows you to do the following:

- check and confirm incoming meeting requests

- access your agenda in real time

- manage further meetings on-site.

Your credentials are the email address and your password, the same ones which they use to login to the event website.

Invitation to Participate Again

Dear participant,

You have actively participated in our previous event.

Together with our partners, we worked hard to offer an interesting program for this year's edition as well. Thus we would like to welcome you again to (event name) in (location) on (date).

For more details please check our event website: (insert 'Home' link or action button)

To simplify and speed up the registration, your contact data has been imported from the last year's edition. You can indicate if you would like to attend again via the link below. Select the "No" option if you are not able to attend and you don’t want to receive email reminders.

Confirm or Cancel your participation (insert 'Invitation' link or action button)

Kind regards,

The Event Organizers

Prolonging the long term matchmaking

Dear participant,

Due to multiple requests from participants we prolong the 1:1 matchmaking via video calls until the end of December 2020. Thus you can benefit longer of sending and receiving meeting requests. 

You have already have been assigned to the long term networking. In case you want to opt out form sending and receiving requests for, please click here (insert Meetings link) and go to Availability.

Kind regards

The Event Organizers


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