Meetings List

In the Organizer's Tool

The meetings section in your organizer tool gives you the ability to manage participants' meetings.

Depending on the matchmaking settings you have decided to apply, you can accept, cancel, schedule, or return meetings back to the pending status.

Grouped by Status

Meetings will be displayed under PendingAccepted, and Canceled tabs at the top of the menu.

In the Pending tab, you can find all the pending meetings, that haven't been accepted by the receiver. You can accept or cancel these requests on behalf of the participant.

In the Accepted tab, you will find the meetings that have been accepted and the time when they have been accepted. You can move these meetings back to the pending status, cancel them or, you can schedule them unless the matchmaking settings are Requests have to be accepted by participants and Participants schedule meetings themselves. In this case, the meeting is scheduled the moment when the receiver accepts it and chooses the time slot.

If you have opted for the Organizers schedule meetings manually option, participants will only be able to accept or request the meeting, but you will define the time.

The Quick Schedule button schedules the meeting on the first available table and the first available timeslot that the two participants share.

To schedule a meeting on a specific timeslot, click More - Edit Meeting. You will be able to select the exact timeslot of the meeting.