Mark Participants as Speakers

Contact us if you need to enable this feature, please note it is not included in all our packages.

Once enabled, a new page named Speakers will appear on the website, at the top menu.

In order to mark a participant as a speaker, you need to access the participant's profile panel in the organizer's tool.

  • Go to Participants. In order to view and edit a participant's profile, click on the participant's row, in the participants list. The participant's profile panel window will open.
  • In Speaker Settings click on Edit and add the relevant details.
  • Tick Yes in order to mark the participant as a speaker. The participant will be listed on the Speakers page on the website. They will be sorted by last name by default.
  • Biography
    The bio will be visible on the participant's speaker profile, which can be accessed by clicking on the profile preview of the speaker on the speakers' page

  • Sessions
    The speaker and the speaker's details will be visible in the event agenda and participants' agendas, in the session's panel
  • Presentation
    The organizers are able to add a presentation on the speakers behalf.

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