Live Stage Overview

An overview of what are live stages and how can they be organized with b2match

What is a live stage?

A live stage is an event location where event sessions happen, sessions for which organisers use live-streaming in order to deliver its content. Live-streaming is an online video format used to broadcast through Internet in real-time. 
Through the live stage, your activity is simultaneously recorded and broadcasted through a streaming platform to your audience in real-time.

When should the organizers consider it?

The organizers should consider live streaming when they're setting up an event with a large audience and presentations, broadcasted through the event website.

To recap the main instances when the live stage can be helpful:

  • when sessions have the purpose of presenting information and do not require direct participant interaction: presentations, speeches, keynotes. Participants will still be able to engage through Q&As, chat, and polls, which organizers moderate;
  • when you want to share pre-recorded event sessions with your audience.

For interactive sessions with a reduced number of participants (webinars, workshop, pitches) you need to look into other options, such as our integrated video conferencing solution

Setting up a live stage session with b2match

There are two ways of setting up your live stage in the b2match platform:

1. Through a streaming provider such as Vimeo, YouTube or Restream

In this case, you need to have an account and set it up in order to broadcast live to the b2match website. Read more

2. Through b2match's integrated streaming provider

In this case, you need to choose your software encoder or video meeting provider and configure it by using the parameters provided by b2match. Read more integration

For both streaming instances, you have the possibility to integrate for your live stage sessions. When enabling the virtual for the live stage, you can also enable and add the link under integration in Agenda - Locations.

The app will be visible for the participants on the live stage page for which you activated it.