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Invoices, Pro-Formas and Confirmations


Invoices are issued by the b2match system when the payment status is paid or refunded

Pro-forma Invoices

Pro-forma invoices are issued for each payment when the payment status is pending and the payment method is a credit card or PayPal (not bank transfer) or when the participant has not chosen a payment method yet.


Confirmations are issued when payment status is free which means that a 100% promotion code (hyperlink missing) was applied.

Downloading Invoices, Pro-formas and Confirmations

The invoice can be downloaded as follows:

  • by the organizer
    • in Participants - Participant's profile panel - Payments - Download invoice
  • in Payments - Participant's payment panel - Download invoice
  • by the participant
    • in participant's dashboard - Payment & Billing


Payment overview