Integrated Video Conferencing through Eyeson

How Eyeson works

Eyeson is integrated to the b2match platform, so you only need to tick Online/Virtual session in the session's settings and the button which redirects participants to the meeting room will be automatically available. It is recommended for interactive sessions with less than 100 participants, where the dialogue is encouraged, like workshops.

Up to 9 participants can be visible on the screen, but more can dialogue. 

When clicking on the join button, the preview of the meeting will allow the participants to check their camera and microphone. Under the Camera, Microphone and Output columns, the participants have the system's options.

The participants can invite other participants through the Quick Join button. The guests don't necessarily need to be registered for the event.

The participants can share screens and upload documents to be presented.

The participants list will be displayed on the right side of the screen. 

The multi-speaker layout can be controlled by the organisers. They can place up to 9 speakers on the screen by accessing the layout icon and drag and dropping the video position on the upper part of the window. 9 participants can be visible on the screen at the same time. 

Additionally, the participants can use the chat. As all the participants are able mute all the participants and unmute themselves, the organisers should recommend the usage of the chat during the session. 

Recording sessions

The organisers are able to record the Eyeson sessions by joining the sessions and clicking on Record. This feature is only available for the organisers.

Recommended browsers for the online sessions

Make sure you install the latest version of your browser and advise the participants to do the same.

For virtual matchmaking sessions, click here.

Live streaming your session 

The participants number is limited in the Eyeson session, however, it can be broadcasted to a large number of viewers with the help of a streaming provider, such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

Once you accessed the Eyeson session, there is a Live stream option in the left corner.

More on live streaming with Eyeson here