Hybrid Events - Virtual and On-site

Hybrid events are events that allow participants to attend both on-site and virtually.

In the case of hybrid events, some participants will physically attend the event, while others will participate in the meetings remotely. In this case, the organizer needs to add the participation types accordingly (On-site and Remote).

We recommend adding separate sessions (virtual and on-site) and apply registration rules. The participants who attend virtually, should not be able to select on-site sessions for logistic reasons; participants who attend on-site sessions should be able to choose both types of sessions. Adding locations to on-site sessions can be helpful. 

As seen during registration

In case the organizer will opt for both types of participation (on-site and remote), participants will be prompted to choose if they're attending the event online or if they will be physically present at the event.

If additional participation types are defined, they will be displayed afterward. 

The participation type can be edited in Configuration - Participation Type. If, let's say, buyers will be attending both face-to-face and virtual meetings, we need to have two types of buyers: On-site and Remote.

The rest of the registration will happen as usual, with selecting the attendance and filling in the profile information.

In cases where the participants are already registered and the event is switched from on-site to hybrid or the other way around, the organizers need to collect this data from the participants - whether they will physically participate or not. This can happen as follows: 
- by using the participation confirmation to ask participants to confirm or cancel their attendance; if they cancel their on-site attendance, they need to register again and choose the virtual participation type
- by sending them an email and asking them to reply whether they will participate remotely or physically. In this case, the organizer needs to manually edit the participants' participation type. Participants who will attend remotely, need to update their time zone in their profile. 

- contacts us if you have scheduled meetings, we will need to make changes in the system in order to switch to a different event status. In case of a hybrid event switching to on-site, take into consideration that all meetings might be canceled and rescheduled afterward. Let us know at least 3 days in advance if you decide to make these types of changes.