Hybrid Events Already Set Up (Before 25 August)

Hybrid events already set up 

For hybrid events set up before 25 August, the attendance type is directly connected to participation types. 

Defining participant types

The organizer needs to add the participation types accordingly: event specific participant types + attendance specific participation types. 

As seen during registration

In case the organizer will opt for both types of participation (on-site and remote), participants will be prompted to choose if they're attending the event online or if they will be physically present at the event.

If additional participation types are defined, they will be displayed afterward. 

The participation type can be edited in Configuration - Participation Type. If, let's say, buyers will be attending both face-to-face and virtual meetings, we need to have two types of buyers: On-site and Remote.

Changing the attendance type

The participants are not able to change their attendance type for this version of the hybrids. They need to get in touch with the organizer, whom is able to change the participant type for them.

Switching to the new version of b2match hybrid

We can switch your event to the new hybrid version, however, we recommend that you keep the settings as they are, in the following cases:

  • if your event has payment and the tickets are set in relation to attendance
  • if you have participant types that serve an additional purposes besides just being on-site and remote, for example registration rules such which only allow online participants.