How to Create Event Specific Terms & Conditions

b2match is 100% GDPR compliant.

The b2match default terms & conditions safeguards b2match as data processor, and the event organizer as data owner for the events handled with our platform.

Organizers who want to add additional, more specific event terms & conditions, can add them as mandatory custom question.

Additional readable text of specific terms & conditions can be added either as a link or a PDF file.

  • copy the URL of the uploaded PDF file or the related page
  • create a custom question (Multiple choice)
  • to reference the PDF file or the link to the page with the information, you have to insert the following code in the Help Text field of the custom question, together with the link and the title:

<a href=" b731f92336.pdf" target="_blank">Terms & conditions</a> 

The participants will see the custom question in registration and in their profile, under Organizer questions.