Custom Questions

The custom questions are additional questions added to registration by the organizers who want to obtain specific information from participants. Usually, organizers use this functionality to ask organizational questions such as food preferences or travel related questions for guests.

In order to add these questions go to Configuration - Custom Questions, select the question type and set its configuration.


  • For all participants 

You can address your custom questions to all the participants, meaning that every participant who registers, will see the custom question during the process.

  • Only for specific groups 

If you want to address your questions to specific groups, make sure you create participation types. Example: booth related questions should be addressed to exhibitors only.

  • Required

You can set your question to be mandatory by ticking Required in the question's configuration. The participants will have to fill in an answer.

 The custom questions will be displayed in registration at the end of  the profile step, under personal information, organization information and areas of activities.

Custom Questions' Visibility

  • Hidden - participants cannot see other participants' answers to these questions so the questions and the answers will be visible for the organizers only. The answers can be found in Export - Participants Data document.
  • Restricted - registered and validated participants will be able to see the answers to these questions on the participants list on the website.
  • Visible - the questions and the answers will be visible for the participants and quests
  • Searchable - participants and guests can filter other participants by their answers. This option is only available for the types of questions which require options, such as Single Choice (Radio Buttons), Single Choice (Select Field), Multiple Choice (Check Boxes).

When choosing this option, you need to add a filter title, which will be displayed on the Participants list on the website.