Creating Participant Types

  •  Click on Configuration in the navigation panel and go to Participant Types and click Add Participant Type
  • Give your participant type a Name and optionally add a description.
  • Maximum amount of meetings - you can optionally define the maximum number of meetings which participants of this group can have during matchmaking sessions. Please note that if this number is zero, the participants associated with this participation type will not be able to book any meetings.
  • Visible in Participants Profiles - you can decide if the participant type will be visible in the participant list and on the participants profile. If ticked, the participant type will be visible.
When the participation type is visible, it it is displayed in the participants' profile on the website.

When there are at least 2 participation types visible, then the participation type filter is displayed in the participants list on the website.

  • Enabled/Hidden - define whether the participant type will be visible in the registration form. Used when you want to assign specific registration, booking, or visibility rules to special participants (VIP guests, free tickets, etc).

Only the participants with access to the invitation link will be able to see and pick the hidden participation type. Alternatively, the organizer can use the Add participant (hyperlink missing) feature to create the registration on participant's behalf and assign the hidden participation type.

If only one participant type is enabled, the participants will not be prompted for the participant type during registration. It will be automatically assigned to each participant.

If you define participant types for your event, participants will be prompted to choose their participation type in the first step of the registration. 


When creating participant types, the participant types invitation links are automatically created.