Company Representations


The company representation feature allows participants to represent a different company than the one for which they work, which they added in registration as their organization name. It allows them to represent a company or an institution where they are not employed.

How to add a company representation as a participant

Participants can register themselves as Company Representatives during the registration process.

Organization name will be filled in with the participant's original company, the one for which they work.
Representations will be filled in with the company which the participant want to represent for this particular event. 

The participant will have to be accepted as company representative for the company added in Representations.

Participants can also create a Company Representations in their participant dashboard by clicking on Add Organization. Then, another organization will be added to their profile. Participants who choose this option will have to be accepted by the manager of the company in question.

How to add a company representation as an organizer

Click on the Participants option and choose the participant for whom you would like to add an organization.

After adding the organization, the participant is automatically accepted as a Company Representative.

Notice the difference between the roles that the participant has in the two companies. In the first one, he has the member role, because he is a part of that company.
In the second one, the participant has the role of the guest because they only represent this company at the event. Furthermore, the organizer can delete the added organization, but he cannot delete the first company for which the participants really works and which was added by the participant in the Organization Name in registration. 

When the Company Representative feature is enabled, organizers also have the view per organization in the organizer's tool.

Here, the organizers can see all the participants related to the selected company.

In the organization profile panel, in the Manager column, there is the possibility to define managers. If the box is ticked, it means that these participants have also the role of a manager, who has more options than the participants who only have the member role. The Company Manager can accept or refuse other participants (such as Company Representatives), they can book the meetings for the members and guests in the company, and also, they can move meetings from one participant to another in their company.

The participants with the role of a guest cannot have the role of a manager.

Additionally, in the organization profile panel, the organizers can add other participants as a company representatives and assign them the role of a Company Manager.

The role of a Company Manager can be disabled at a later stage, by simply unticking on the box in the organization profile panel (Participants tab in the organization's profile panel). Then, the participant in question will only have the role of a member.

After adding the participants, they are automatically visible in the participants per organization view: Organization - click on the organization, then the profile panel opens - Participants.

You can find the list of the participant's meetings in the participant profile panel and the organizations profile panel, in the Meetings tab.

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