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Adding and Editing Participant Payment

The event owner and the main organizers are able to add and edit participant payment in the following places:

  • Participants list - click on a participant to access the profile panel and go to the Payments tab
  • Payments tab in the black menu on the left - click on the participant to access the payment panel.
  • The organizer cannot edit confirmed payments (credit card, confirmed invoice or PayPal) and refunded payments.
  • All the fields can be edited, with the exception of Payment Method.
  • When changing the status to Paid, the payment date is required.
  • The organizer is able to edit the VAT ID or the country field, regardless if the payment status. However, the amount paid will not be changed.

Payment Refund

As the owner of the website, you are able to refund partial or full payments
When you change the status to Refunded, you can also write the amount that will be refunded. After the payment is saved, if the refunded amount is smaller than the total amount of the payment, you can refund it again.

In order to do so, access the payment panel in the Participants list or in Payments tab. 

 Deleting Payment

The event owner is able to delete payments in the following situations:

    • if the event is in demo status;
    • if there is no invoice ID (because the invoice is not paid or the payment has been refunded).

Payment overview