Why Use the Accommodation Feature

The accommodation feature allows the participants to easily book a hotel room for the period of your event. If you are organizing an event which requires booking an accommodation, you can facilitate the booking process for the participants by using this feature.

How to Enable It

Contact us and we will enable the accommodation feature for your event. After we enable it, the Housing tab will be added to the left side menu in the organizers tool.

When you click on the Housing tab, you will be able to fill in the Hotel Information, the Room Types that will be available and the Room Blocks for the participants at your event.

You have the possibility to add several hotels. If you would want to do so, you will add them one by one by clicking on Add Hotel and filling in the required information: name, description, website and address.

The next option in the Housing feature allows you to list the type of rooms that will be available. Fill in the information in Room Types.

Here, you can specify details on the room types and also, the number of persons that can be accommodated in a specific room type. You also have the possibility to add more than one room type. For instance, one room type can be created for one person, while in the others participants will have the possibility to share a room with somebody else.

The last option in Housing is the Room Blocks feature.
Here, you are creating the room blocks. Every room block will be defined as a part of one hotel and one room type which you have created in previous steps. When you click on the Hotel field or Room Type field, a dropdown menu will appear, and you will have to choose only one option per field. Furthermore, you will need to fill in the start and end date of the accommodation you are offering to your participants.

You also have the possibility to choose whether the room block in question will be available for online booking via the b2match event. When Online is ticked, the participants will be able to select the room after having registered, in their dashboard - Accommodation.


How to Check and Edit Participants' Accommodation

If you want to check which participant has booked which hotel, go to Participants – and then simply click on one participant. The participant profile panel will open. Here, you need to click on Accommodation, where you will see if and what the participant has booked any accommodation.

You will also be able to edit the participant’s choice: the hotel, the room type, the arrival and the departure and the special requests field. 
You can make notes such as the confirmation number and date in the Hotel Confirmation field.