World of Healthcare 2024

25 Sept 2024 | Netherlands

World of Healthcare 2024

25 September 2024|


Bridging Borders: Advancing Healthcare Innovation in a Connected World

The main theme of the World of Health Care 2024 - "Bridging Borders: Advancing Healthcare Innovation in a Connected World" - emphasizes the interconnectedness of healthcare systems globally and the imperative for collaboration across borders to drive innovation, improve patient care, and address common challenges. Hosted in the Netherlands, Europe’s connected Life Sciences & Health Metropolis, the Health~Holland Visitors Programme serves as a platform for fostering cross-cultural exchange, sharing insights, and forging partnerships to propel healthcare advancements forward.

Subtheme 1 - Healthcare Transformation & Workforce

Staff shortages, skill gaps, burnout and stress, and an uneven distribution of healthcare professionals are among the challenges faced by the healthcare workforce to meet evolving population needs. The subtheme "Healthcare Transformation & Workforce" delves into transitions in healthcare delivery models, patient care, organizational structures, and workforce development to build a skilled, motivated, and resilient healthcare workforce capable of meeting present and future demands. Comprehensive strategies that prioritize workforce well-being, invest in education and training of healthcare professionals, and promote workforce diversity and inclusion will be explored.

Subtheme 2 - Sustainable Healthcare

As the healthcare sector copes with its substantial carbon footprint and recognizes its impact on climate change, a growing movement towards sustainable healthcare practices is seen globally. Dutch life sciences and health (LSH) organisations are ideally situated to pioneer sustainable healthcare solutions, bolstered by the Netherlands' dedicated efforts to diminish the environmental impact of healthcare. The subtheme "Sustainable Healthcare" looks into strategies for environmental sustainability, economic viability, and resource management within healthcare systems.

Subtheme 3 - Digitalization and Health Tech Integration

Digital health solutions and health tech integration offer many benefits, including time savings for patients and healthcare professionals, health insights for patients leading to healthy self management, and lower administrative burden for healthcare professionals. The subtheme "Digitalization and Health Tech Integration" explores the intersection of healthcare and technology - encompassing digital health solutions, telemedicine, AI, and wearable devices - to enhance patient outcomes and the accessibility of care.

Subtheme 4 - Global Health Initiatives

Health challenges are increasingly international. Health inequities hamper our capacity to effectively prevent, identify, and respond to global health threats, leaving the world vulnerable to global health crises that transcends borders, such as COVID-19. The subtheme "Global Health Initiatives" addresses challenges and solutions for equitable access to healthcare services, healthcare disparities, and international collaborations to improve global health outcomes.