22 May 2024 - 23 May 2024


WorkInHealth Foundation Career Fair | 4th edition


EIT Health

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Strengthening healthcare systems in Europe

We want to overcome obstacles to innovation so we can improve healthcare delivery in Europe and make life-changing solutions possible. By working together,
we can remove barriers across borders to create a more resilient and dynamic European healthcare system.

Promoting better health of citizens

European citizens and patients sit at the centre of our organisation. That’s why we’re engaging people at every stage; raising awareness, sharing knowledge and creating the tools, treatment and breakthrough solutions which will promote healthy living and active ageing.

Contributing to a sustainable health economy in Europe

We want to create a fertile environment in which innovation can flourish. By building health enterprises and bringing innovative products and services to market, we can create new jobs to grow and strengthen a sustainable European economy.

WorkInHealth Foundation

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Initiated by EIT Health, we address the evident and growing skills and talent gaps within the healthcare industry across Europe.

The talent shortage threatens the sustainability and growth potential of the healthcare industry. Therefore, addressing it is of key strategic importance for us.