8 September 2023

Urban GoodCamp Intercommunity Networking Event

Welcome to the Urban GoodCamp Inter-community Networking Event!

The Urban GoodCamp project aims to extend knowledge and practice on how cities can address urban challenges collectively. We do that in part through and with the local Urban GoodCamp communities, developed in 7 project cities: Ljubljana, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Madrid, Venice, and Paris (Evry). After two years of work we are excited to bring these communities together and:

  • connect organisations and individuals passionate about solving urban challenges Circular Economy, Biodiversity & Green Spaces and Sustainable Communities;

  • provide members an opportunity to showcase their work around urban challenges and facilitate synergies for international collaboration among Urban GoodCamp communities;

  • share insights and learnings about the status quo and the future of sustainable cities from our work in the Urban GoodCamp project.


Consider joining if you are:

  • members of the Urban GoodCamp communities in Ljubljana, Helsinki/Aalto, Madrid, Venice, Paris (Evry) or Amsterdam;

  • researchers and practitioners from project partner organisations working on projects tackling urban challenges and developing solutions in the above-mentioned cities, and

  • prospective Urban GoodCamp community member from industry, academia, public sphere, non-for-profit organisations located and passionate about the well-being of the above-mentioned cities.

This event is focused on three large thematic areas within urban challenges: Circular Economy, Biodiversity & Green Spaces and Sustainable Communities. This suggested clustering is tentative - we want to hear from you about the exact area of your interest (within urban challenges), so that we can organise the networking breakout rooms effectively. You can indicate the specific area while filling in the registration form.

Event Agenda

Get ready to connect with like-minded individuals and take this chance to present your cutting-edge work! Duting one hour, we will run 3+ thematic discussion groups where you will pitch your initiative (if you want!), learn from others, identify synergies in your work, create rapid project ideas together and all that in an interactive gamified format.

13:00 - 13:10 - Welcome & Intro

Breaking into 3+ thematic urban challenges groups for facilitated networking

13:10 - 13:25 - Icebreaker & Participants Pitches

13:25 - 13:40 - Ideation of Synergies on Urban Challenges

13:40 - 13:55 - Future Steps Search Quest

Back to the main room

13:55 - 14:00 - Closing

14:00 - onwards - Possibility for 1-on-1 meeting scheduling

Add-on benefit!

In addition to networking opporunity during the event, you will gain the possibility for entyering the matchmaking pool, creating a targeted profile and organising 1-on-1 networking with like-minded professionals before the event, during and after, for up to 14 days through b2match platform!

Looking forward to seeing you in our event! And do not forget to check out the Urban GoodCamp project website: www.urbangoodcamp.eu

How can you join?

Sign-in the B2match platform (or sign-up if you don't have an account already), fill in a few questions so the organisational team can learn more about you and then head to the Agenda (upper menu tab) to add the sessions to your schedule. Apart from the 'Welcome' and 'Closing' sessions, it's important that you select ONE Thematic Breakout Room to join in.

This event has an optional networking session, post the community event, so through your profile (upper right of the screen), you can add 'Opportunities' for synergies that will appear in the Marketplace and state your 'Availability' for other participants to propose meetings with you.