TeamUp 2024

17 Jun – 15 Nov 2024 | Spain

TeamUp 2024

Here you can find various files from matchmaking sessions

Personal Consent Form

Please make sure you have submitted correctly filled PCF before submitting your proposal for the exploration phase!

TeamUp Participant Consent Form 2024.docx

Onepager on Matchmaking

TeamUp one pager Matchmaking.pdf

Session 9 - Working together: Case studies - Job interview

s9_Case Study_Job Interview_TeamUp 2024.pdf

Session 8 - Working together: Case study: Crisis management

s8_Case Study_Crisis Management_TeamUp 2024.pdf

Session 7 - Get to know your co-founder: Escape room

s7_GetToKnow_Escape Room_TeamUp 2024.pdf

Session 6 - Get to know your co-founder: $2 Game

s6_GetToKnow_ 2Dollar Game_ TeamUp 2024.pdf

Session 5 - Speed dating - Business model

Session 4 - Speed dating - Prototyping

Session 4 - Speed dating - Prototyping

Prototyping canvas and presentation file

Prototype canvas_TeamUp 2024.pdfPrototype canvas_TeamUp 2024.pptxs4_Prototyping_TeamUp 2024.pptx

Session 2 - #Tech presentation

Session 1 - Kick-off

You can take 16 personalities test here

Lear more about IKIGAI here

Recording: Session #1

Friday hang out - "Two truths & 1 Lie" Icebreaker

What is the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker?

The Two Truths and a Lie icebreaker is a quick activity that will help bond with your new team mates. It’s a simple game: guess which is the lie among the three facts stated by your colleagues.

How does the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker work?

1️⃣        Take few minutes so that each member writes down two truths and one lie about themselves. Keep these notes secret, and not share them with the team yet.

2️⃣        Once you've made sure everyone has come up with their two truths and one lie, invite a random participant to reveal their three statements.

3️⃣        Give everyone 30 seconds to decide what the lie is. It’s not about debating anyone's assumptions, but it is instead about quickly choosing what the lie is.

4️⃣        At the end of these 30 seconds, everyone reveals what in their opinion is the lie among the 3 statements made by your colleagues.

5️⃣        Once everyone has spoken, invite the designated person to say what the lie was. You might be surprised!

6️⃣        Repeat this cycle until all team members have been able to reveal their 2 truths and 1 lie.

 If you have trouble preparing, perhaps this can help you:

  • Do you excel in a particular area or activity?

  • Do you have brothers or sisters?

  • Do you have an unusual story about them?

  • What's a completely new activity that you have started (or want to do)?

  • Have you witnessed anything extraordinary?

   • Do you have a special talent that no one knows about?

• When you were a child, what did you want to become when you grew up?

  • Have you ever met a celebrity?

Strategise to fool your colleagues like a pro!

The difficulty of this icebreaker is to be able to deliver a credible lie. Here are some tips to keep your lies undetectable:

• Give an equal amount of detail to each of your 3 examples.

• Mix up the order of your lie and your truths.

• Try to tell a lie that is not exaggerated, so that it is as plausible as your truths.

• Deliver your lie in the same tone as you tell your truths.

• Do not hesitate to use an extraordinary truth to camouflage it as a lie.

FridayHangOuts_2truths1lie_TeamUp 2024.pdf