Tata Steel Sprint to Zero

7 Jul – 8 Sept 2023 | India

7 July 2023 - 8 September 2023


Tata Steel Sprint to Zero

How to apply ?

While registering you will be asked to answer the below questions. Please answer each and every question with full details as this will also be your application for the funding call.

Application Form

  1. Company Information

    1.a) Name of the startup:

    1.b) Founding members and their roles:

    1.c) Contact information (email, phone number, address):

  2. Problem and Solution:

    2.a) Briefly describe the problem you are addressing:

    2.b) What is your proposed solution to this problem?

    2.c) How does your solution differentiate from existing alternatives in the market?

  3. Market Analysis:

    3.a) Who are your target customers?

    3.b) What is the size of your target market?

    3.c) What are the current market trends and opportunities in your industry?

  4. Business Model:

    4.a) How do you plan to generate revenue?

    4.b) What is your pricing strategy?

    4.c) Are there any partnerships or collaborations you are seeking to establish?

  5. Competitive Advantage:

    5.a) Who are your main competitors?

    5.b) What is your competitive advantage over these competitors?

    5.c) How do you plan to sustain your competitive advantage in the long term?

  6. Marketing and Sales:

    6.a) What is your marketing strategy to reach your target audience?

    6.b) How do you plan to acquire and retain customers?

    6.c) What is your sales forecast for the next 1-3 years?

  7. Team and Expertise:

    7.a) Briefly describe the background and expertise of your team members.

    7.b) Are there any gaps in your team's skill set that need to be filled?

    7.c) Have any team members previously worked on successful startups?

  8. Funding:

    8.a) How much funding have you raised to date (if any)?

    8.b) Are you currently seeking funding? If yes, how much and for what purpose?

    8.c) Do you have any potential investors or partners lined up?

  9. Milestones and Timeline:

    9.a) What are your key milestones and objectives for the next 6-12 months?

    9.b) Provide a timeline for the development and launch of your product or service.

    9.c) What resources or support do you need to achieve these milestones?

  10. Impact and Scalability:

11. Additional Information:

Stage 2

Please note that after the sifting of the applications, the top scorers will be separately contacted for another round where they will be assessed again on the basis of panel interviews.