Start For Future Summit 2024: The Athenian Nexus

16–17 May 2024 | Athens, Greece

Start For Future Summit 2024: The Athenian Nexus

16 May 2024 - 17 May 2024|

10675 Athens, Greece

Vasileos Georgiou B 17-19,

Athens Conservatoire & ACEin AUEB, Troias 2, 11362, Kypseli, Athens

Ready to embrace the power of the European Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

Join us at the Start For Future Summit 2024: The Athenian Nexus and Spread Innovation throughout the European Startup Landscape

What is “Start For Future”?

Start For Future is the largest European network of university incubators aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thought and cultivating impactful innovation across Europe.

This is your chance to experience how the Athens ecosystem can synergize with a vibrant community from Europe and beyond.

Learn more about "The Athenian Nexus" in our official website

Which are the Thematic Areas of the Start For Future Summit 2024: ''The Athenian Nexus"?

The Start For Future Summit 2024: “The Athenian Nexus” focuses on the thematic areas of DeepTech, Circular Economy, as well as Culture and Tourism. Under these, experts of the industries will present challenges that they have faced, while interactive, co-creation workshops will be held to “generate” proposals for the improvement of the Athenian ecosystem, with the European Innovation Community as a common identifier.

DeepTech | Circular Economy | Culture and Tourism

Who can participate?

  • Startups & Entrepreneurial Teams: Startups wishing to connect with the Greek and European ecosystem and seek partners and/or customers.

  • Investors & Business Angels: Investors and Business Angels looking for new ventures to fund.

  • Established & Large Organizations: Established organizations that want to get to know the innovation ecosystem, participate in identifying challenges and collaborate with ambitious start-ups.

  • Local Government Actors: Local government actors who want to access a creative audience to co-create solutions and tackle citizens' problems.

  • Academic &Research World: The academic world (professors, researchers, students) who want to learn about the ecosystem, network and find opportunities for collaboration.

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