Research Conference on TCIH Strategies for Infections and AMR Reduction

9 November 2023 - 10 November 2023

The GIFTS-AMR Global Research Agenda

The global research agenda was developed by the GIFTS-AMR (Global Initiative for Traditional Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance) project group.

The document describes a global research agenda on Traditional, Complementary & Integrative Healthcare (TCIH) strategies & natural medicinal products to prevent and treat infections, and to reduce antimicrobial resistance, with the primary focus on health promotion.

The research agenda provides the strategic basis for the GIFTS-AMR network to collaborate on research proposals and funding applications, and provides information on TCIH for policy makers, researchers, healthcare professionals (organizations) and patients (organizations) on the national, regional and global level.

Download The GIFTS-AMR global research agenda

The GIFTS-AMR global research agenda - November 2023.pdf