Matchmaking Neuroscience meets Bioinformatics

4 Sept – 18 Oct 2023 | Wroclaw, Poland

4 September 2023 - 18 October 2023

Wroclaw, Poland

Lukasiewicz Research Network - PORT

Matchmaking Neuroscience meets Bioinformatics

Welcome to Matchmaking Neuroscience meets Bioinformatics for Horizon Europe!

We're excited to bring together thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts of Neuroscience and global Bioinformatics community for 3 linked events offering matchmaking possibililities as well as inspiring keynote talks, thematics sessions and poster presentations:

  • PORT4Health:Neuroscience

  • IB2023

  • ISBRA 2023

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How can you benefit from matchmaking event?

We propose 2 matchmaking events on-site (5-6.09 and 10-11.10) to maximize the benefit of multiple consecutive conferences through and stimulate novel partnerships on the interface between the two leading topics of world science.

Furthermore, we offer you to book online meetings (8.09-16.10.2023) via B2match platform in the weeks following each event, to continue inspiring discussions in case you can't make it on-site, which may result in interesting international projects.

This matchmaking event is suitable for anyone who is looking to meet research and technology partners active in the neuroscience and bioinformatics sector: companies, research institutions, universities and other organizations active in mentioned field.
The event's main goal is to gather all the interested entities intending to apply for funding under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

Registration and profile activation is mandatory to attend the matchmaking event.

In order to book meetings and/or accept invitations from other participants, the button ‘Request meeting’ near the profile in the section “Participants’ must be green. If the button is grey, please contact the organizers. 

On-site meeting request deadline: 11th of October.

Key Topics addressed:

  • Biological Models of brain disorders: in vitro, in vivo, in silico

  • Computational Psychiatry

  • Precision Medicine

  • AI in neuroscience

  • Digital Health

  • ICT

We wish you fruitful meetings!