MATCHER Data-Driven Innovation 2024

2 Apr – 28 Nov 2024 | Italy

2 April 2024 - 28 November 2024


MATCHER Data-Driven Innovation 2024

MATCH.POINT MATCHER virtual matchmaking program for 12 selected Emilia-Romagna Corporates and international Start-ups and Scale-ups

Start-ups and Scale-ups are able to register to MATCH.POINT from the 25th of March, until the 5th of July 2024.

After being admitted to the platform, Start-ups and Scale-ups have had the opportunity to better explore the needs of the Corporates underpinning the presented challenges and understand whether their product or service could be a good match by organizing 1to1 matchmaking meetings from the 2nd of April until the 5th of July 2024.

During these meetings, they had the chance to get to know each other better and assess possible synergies in order to define the most appropriate form of partnership (e.g. development of a pilot project, commercial partnership, etc.).


How it works

1) Registration

Register via the Register button and complete the application form. 
Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer to the Corporate partners, and how you are matching the program Challenges. A detailed and good profile will increase your visibility on the platform and generate significantly more meeting requests. So, the more information you share the better.

Please be aware that the application process is divided in two steps: first, sign up to the platform; second, complete your profile by adding an organisation page.

2) Admission

MATCHER staff will receive your application and check whether your profile is complete and coherent with the selected Challenge/s. If your profile is suitable to the challenges, you will be admitted to the program and your profile will be activated and visible to the Corporate partners.

3) Browse profiles of Corporate partners

Go to the companies list and view the Corporate's profiles in order to get more information about their business and objectives, their needs and challenges. Try to understand how your solution/service could better solve their problem or help them to address it. Furthermore, think of the type of collaboration/partnership you would start with them. 

4) Chat with the Corporate partners and schedule matchmaking events

Use the Chat function to talk with the Corporate representatives and show them your interest. If both you and the Corporate think there could be the basis for a match, schedule a matchmaking call. Please, note that only Corporate representatives can send the invitation for matchmaking calls. Start-ups/Scale-ups can then accept, reschedule or refuse the meeting request.

5) Matchmaking calls

By accessing the page Meetings (hand icon on the top right section), you have the list of all your meetings (accepted, pending, or canceled). You will also be able to invite some guests (e.g. your colleagues) by sharing the link to the call. Check your camera and microphone, and when it's time start the meeting. Don't be late!

6) Matchmaking feedback

After every meeting takes place, always remember to give your feedback by filling 2 questionnaires:

  1. At the end of each meeting the platform will automatically request for a feedback. You will be asked to express a simple star-based rating about the meeting and to leave a comment about its outcomes.

  2. Fill in the Feedback Survey form giving your point of view about the potential match.

Please be sure to rate every meeting you attended!

Submitting a feedback to every meeting is pivotal to keep track of the past conversations and evaluate them. Remember that only the Organizers of the event could see your feedback.

Happy matchmaking!