Maritime Forum Event Maker

5–29 Feb 2024 | Belgium

5 February 2024 - 29 February 2024


Maritime Forum Event Maker

Welcome to the Maritime Forum Event Maker!

The place to be and to match! This Maritime Forum Event Maker platform has been conceived to promote and organise events for the stakeholders of the maritime forum communities. It gives the different communities the opportunity to foster exchanges between their community members and collect their feedback. This enhancement will not only permit organising in-person, virtual or hybrid events and meetings but will also facilitate networking opportunities.

It has the advantage to use an all-in-one event management software as all tools and features you need to organise your event are in one place, which means a convenient one-time login for your attendees. Moreover, participants can choose which sessions to attend from your networking event agenda and have targeted matchmaking meetings, which will enhance networking.

The event platform permits to present participants with powerful and valuable information that is easily accessible, such as a detailed agenda, bios on each speaker, essential background documents … and you can even access it from your mobile phone.


The Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) and more in particular the Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment unit (A1) is facilitating this platform to enhance contacts with stakeholders and give the Maritime Forum communities the opportunity to grow and play a more active role at this level.

Communities of the Maritime Forum can organise events by using this platform. They will promote their event by putting the announcement and invitation for registration on the Maritime Forum website.  An event space will then be opened for the event on this platform.

All events on the platform will be organised in the following way:

  • Participants must register for the event.

  • Each participant can complete the created profile with useful information and showcase needs or expectations to raise.

    A good profile will generate significantly more meeting requests.

  • Participants can browse the profiles of other attendees.

  • A participant can send and receive meeting requests.

  • Participants have their own agenda at their disposal where they complete their schedule for the event and the list of their meetings.

Results or outcome of the event will be published on the Maritime Forum website. The event space will then be closed, and content deleted.